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Laboratory Furniture/Lab Furniture

Wide range of laboratory furniture

Paradise Scientific Company Ltd. offers a wide variety of laboratory furniture to suit the needs of every laboratory. Fume hoods, laboratory tables, sink units, storage cupboards and other furniture can be purchased as standard units or individually modified according to the needs of the customer.  The furniture is made either of wood chip board or of metal sheets, depending on the client’s preference. Worktops and sinks can be chosen from a wide range of materials depending on the chemical resistance requirements. In addition Paradise Scientific Company Ltd offers furniture for science classrooms and offices.

We are service providers

Paradise Scientific Company Ltd offers more than furniture manufacturing and supply. We excel at designing laboratories and planning ergonomic, convenient layouts tailored to the needs of laboratory staff and individual safety standards. We can lend a helping hand for designers and engineers who are modeling layouts of ventilation, cooling water supply and other connections for labs. We also provide post-purchase servicing for our furniture. Preventative furniture systems’ maintenance carried out by our dedicated team is the key to a safe and convenient workplace.

A new Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Technologies Centre, 10,000 m2 in total size, was established. To equip it with fully functioning laboratories, Paradise Scientific Company Ltd importer and installed lab furniture.

Desks and fume hoods have integrated access sockets so that the equipment is convenient to operate. Air flow monitoring systems were installed in the fume hoods in order to create a safe working environment.

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